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Channel 7 is a community radio station that operates, and is managed, according to Christian principles measured by God’s Word.

Channel 7 airs high-quality broadcasts by professional, well-informed and dedicated presenters.

Channel 7 is the private radio station of Media Network for Christ – a non-profit company registered under section 21 of the Companies Act (Registration number 21/82/034).

Channel 7 was Namibia’s first private radio station and began broadcasting on 6 December 1993


Channel 7 can be seen as a ‘media missionary’ and serves as a partner to all Christian churches in Namibia, providing a powerful media platform to “prepare the soil to be ready to receive the seed of God’s Word”.


  • 35 FM Transmitters
  • 43 towns
  • 4 languages


Serving a nation of 2.6 million people and 32 different groups of people.

Has been in operation for 26 years.


Broadcasts in 5 STREAMS – Channel 7 Media Network for Christ uses a 24/7 internet stream and it is available on the Web and via iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile and Android devices. From the latest news headlines to in-depth interviews and live discussions, Channel 7 Media Network for Christ delivers engaging daily programmes to a worldwide audience.


24 Hours


Corner of Hendrik Witbooi Drive and Ara Street, Doradopark, Windhoek

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