US$150,000 per annum
Is needed to bridge the current circumstances and ensure the continuation of normal operations



Phone : +264 (61) 420 850 (Channel 7 Head Office)

Gerrie Coetzer: +1 (602) 739-6272 / Neal van den Berg: +264 81 127 9977


After 40 years full time mission service as Media for Christ, of which 25 years as Channel 7, we currently find ourselves facing serious challenges that need urgent attention.

The economic downturn that is affecting all sectors in Namibia, is also affecting channel 7 directly. Channel 7 is experiencing its most serious challenges ever in its history. Thanks to numerous internal changes, restructuring, adaptations and loads of Grace we are still surviving. Namibia’s current financial climate together with the most serious drought in modern history cause the challenges to accumulate faster than it can be addressed.
While contemplating the situation we realize more than ever that we cannot allow this ministry to fail. We cannot seize broadcasting until a later date. After prayer, discussions and planning we are convinced that God’s will is to continue this ministry. Channel 7 is God’s work and He will complete it. With the help and support of various individuals, we have identified a few specific project plans that have the potential to help resolve the challenges we face.
Due to numerous external factors, the value of the Namibian Dollar (equal in value to the RSA Rand) constantly “struggles” against international currencies. This has a serious detrimental impact on our economy and more directly on Channel 7 business in that the price inflation on imported equipment is way higher than normal inflation. There are, however, also potential advantages in the weakening of our currency – any international donation has an additional benefit. One of our project plans is therefore to approach Christians in developed countries for possible donations to support Channel 7’s mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Southern Africa and further, especially through modern media.

Channel 7 has approached various individuals and organizations in the USA for potential support. In the process, Antioch Church, in Waco, Texas, has extended a helping hand by incorporating Channel 7 as one of their international projects. People in the USA who want to contribute to Channel 7’s fund can pay funds into a bank account in the USA with Antioch Church. Once off donations and/or regular debit orders will also enjoy tax benefits in the USA as per USA legislature.

Channel 7 also has a representative in the USA: Mr. Gerrie Coetzer. He resides in San Tan Valley, Phoenix, Arizona. Any enquiries can be directed to him.
Attached to this document please find a link to a video on YouTube that portrays an overview of Channel 7’s current situation. Also attached you will find a comprehensive document with detailed information. We also include a document from the office of the President Dr. Hage Geingob, declaring a state of emergency.

So, where do you fit in? We want to take the liberty to ask whether you will prayerfully consider becoming a partner in the Channel 7 ministry – this ministry that has served God and the community for many years. Please consider whether you would want to support the Channel 7 to be able to continue broadcasting the Gospel.

Any support is always welcome but from experience, we know that regular annuity type contributions are normally easier for donors and also tend to be more sustainable. Please be assured that a small amount in international currency has a tremendous impact in Namibian Dollar.

Although we experience an urgent immediate need, Channel 7 has always strived to establish and maintain long-term relationships. Thus, we envision long-term relationships that may evolve into vision tours where supporters visit Namibia (a very popular tourist destination) and experience Channel 7’s work first hand.

If you reside in the USA and you want to make a donation, follow the necessary information:

Payable to: AMI
Reference: Onguti Channel 7
Send checks to:
Onguti Channel 7
505 N 20th
Waco TX 76707

Monthly debit orders:
Complete the attached form, follow the procedures and send the completed form to the address indicated below. It is also on the form.
You can scan the form or take a photo of it after completion.
Then E-mail it to:

You can fax it to: 254-235-9583

Mail it to:
Onguti Channel 7
505 N 20th
Waco TX 76707

For prompt en local enquiries we have Gerrie Coetzer our Channel 7 representative in Phoenix Arizona to assist you.
Cell 602 738 6272
E Mail


24 Hours


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